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Discover the amazing stories that reside within this community. Hear from other like-minded business leaders that have experienced Digitalization

Kholoud Attar

C.E.O / publisher


Thank you for an amazing very beneficial course ..I just passed the CDBL exam . I'm glad I was introduced to a chance to benefit from your vast expertise put in a simplified platform .will definitely recommend this to everyone.

T Yusuf

Management Consultant ( Self Employed)

Risk Global Ltd

I enrolled on the Digital Business Leader course (CDBL) and the Digital Transformation professional (CDTP) thus completed. Credit to Prof. Samir al Masri. The courses are rich in content, and highly suitable to any leader, consultant and or organisation embarking on a digital transformation journey within their respective company. The holistic approach methodology and framework, bring clarity, targetted focus and value. Prof. Samir al Masri thank you for the constant reminders ' Keep learning, upskill, educate your self and acquire knowledge'.............or you will be left behind. I am energised and excited. Kind Regards Titi

Amal Al Harbi

Business Transformation Consultant

Amal Al Keel for training and Development

When I first enrolled in the Digital Business Leader course (CDBL), I thought that it's going to be the only course that I would attend with Prof. Samir, but I ended up enrolling in also another course which is Digital Transformation professional (CDTP).!

Now I am proudly certified in both of them and can't wait to enroll in any other related course provided by the brilliant Prof. Samir al Masri.

Honestly I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude to Prof. Samir, all what I can say that we are lucky to have such incredible source of knowledge in our region.

Prof. Samir made a tremendous effort in order to awaken the community about the coming digital revolution and the importance of coping up with the digital transformation.

The material of those courses are mindset changing, and I do strongly encourage attending them for those who has the real potential to transform their future.

Dr. Mohammed Khysar Pasha

Asst Professor

Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, Education Sector, JIC

Transformation is destiny! Transform to disrupt or else be ready to be disrupted in this digital economy. An eye opening course starting from the historical perspectives of digital transformation to the inception of the digitalization concepts, mindset creation, doing business through innovation, acquisition of digitalization capabilities, team creation and execution of digitalization strategies/action plans. The course discussed all these concepts in a much greater detail through a road map generated by considering all components of METRICS holistically. METRICS were formulated by Professor Samir EL-MASRI and presented in-depth.

I strongly recommend to take this course to be on top of what's coming to hit us and be ready to respond in this dynamic digital era and upcoming 4th and 5th Industrial revolutions where in trillions of devises will be connected and businesses will be transformed. Blockchain+AI+Human = Magic, is a reality!
I thank Prof. Samir EL-MASRI for mentoring me in this journey!




The CDBL course has enlighten me to understand the transformation of the emerging technologies and digital transformation in a very simple learning module. I Highly recommend this course to anyone interested to understand the emerging technologies which plays a vital role in todays competitive digital disruptions by creating new business modules in the digital economy. Thank you Prof. Samir El-Masri

Anas AlQozo

Account Manager, BD

Ideal Technical Solutions

Emerging technologies and data are the center of interest in almost every business talks nowadays.
CDBL course modules will allow you to engage in different technology conversations and new business models.
personally, and it is positively reflecting on my career and mindset every day.
One of the best courses, enormous thanks to Prof. Samir El Masri for the outstanding information and knowledge.


Cards & Products Manager

Dubai Islamic Bank

In today's digital economy, every organization, regardless its size, must transform to compete in this digital era otherwise, it will sleepwalk into irrelevance. But the challenge is what to transform and how? The answer to overcome this challenge is the METRICS framework that underpins this course. METRICS framework will take you through all the phases required to undertake the transformation successfully. This means from aligning leadership mindset and culture, using competitive intelligence, maturing transformation management capabilities, innovation through to strategy execution and value and benefits realization for customers and business.
The author of this framework, Dr. Samir El-Masri, has demystified and explained this framework with an effortless clarity. I’d encourage others who are interested to get certified Digital Transformation Professional to enroll and complete this course.
Because receiving this credential means you possess all the knowledge required to become transformation manager and practice digital transformation management in your organization

Tareq Awawdeh

Quality manager

Shabakkat KSA

I'd like to thank prof. Samir for these great, interested, valuable and comprehensive courses.
Hope together we will lead the disruption, not only be protected from it.
Again and again Thanks Prof.

Shadi Mansi


Jubail Industrial College

Important training, brilliant trainer, and mindset changing material. All of this compilation in one course. It opened my mind to other opportunities which I never thought I would understand. The course explains the most important digital technologies existed in the market, then, helps you to understand how to use this knowledge to develop a business model with many examples for working corporates.

I enjoyed every minute of it.

Tarek Hadla

Services Director

Information and Communication Technology W.L.L

This Course is a valuable asset for any individual seeking to learn and understand about digital transformation. It's the most comprehensive course i have experienced.

Dr. Abdelsalam Shanneb

Assistant Professor, IT Department

Jubail Industrial College, KSA

Very informative and insightful course and a highly enjoyable week. Kudos to Dr. Samir who successfully managed to combine theory and examples from the field. He has a solid background and excellent delivery skills in addition to his long experience in industry and academia which contributed to the success of the course. Thank you mate :-)

Eng. Mohammad Hamza Sheikh

Head of IT


I was searching for such a course to get a clear understanding of the emerging technologies and digital transformation concepts.

This course explains the digital transformation and the emerging digital technologies in a smooth and easy way. It is crucial for every leader to understand digital disruption which is created by new business models and try to avoid such disruption by being part of the digital economy.

Thanks Prof. Samir Al-Masri for such interesting course.

Osama Mohammed Sweid

Technical Delivery Manager

Zain KSA

Thank you Prof Samir El- Masri for the interesting end to end experience, I believe my digital transformation Journey couldn't start better.
The way you introduced the emerging technologies is inspiring and the convergence you explained is really unique.
The program helped me to set and outlined new digital goals in my life and career,
I'm looking foreword for more such stuff,,,,,,,,,,Please continue.

Najlaa Alshomrani

System management analyst


The Digital transformation has become an indispensable necessity. For those who are interested in digital technologies, I strongly recommend to take digital transformation course with Prof. Samir who is one of the best capable & professional experts in this field.I enjoyed and learned a lot from this course. It's an honor to know someone like him.

Ahmed Saleh

Contact Center floor Manager


Professor Samir has delivered a world class training with a lot of fun and he is very humble. I believe he is one of the top digital transformation experts in the world I suggest this course to be taken by all the leaders before it is too late

Michael Stewart

Digital Finance Business Partner


A great grounding in the emerging technologies and it enables me to move forward with my practice and develop these areas further. Another course which is well presented and easy to learn and understand. A good idea is to combine this course with the Digital Transformation course which contains the strategy and principles required for Digital Transformation of any organisation

Ashraf Al Braim

IT Director

Elaf Group

The course provided a very comprehensive overview of the way of leading the digital transformation even for who are not experienced in this area. It looked at the differences between different technologies and covered different types of subjects. I found the course very beneficial and now feel a lot better equipped to venture into this field.

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