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نساعد كبرى الشركات في المنطقة على تحويلها الى شركات رقمية تنتمي الى الأقتصاد الرقمي

 نقدم خدمات التدريب والاستشارات في مجال التحول الرقمي والتقنية الرقمية

Digitalization is a leading Digital Technology company in Data, Information, knowledge consulting and training.
We help large organizations by providing consulting and training services in the region and around the world to take the initiatives of Digital Transformation driven by the convergence of emerging digital technologies.
With our partners in the UK and USA, we also help customers to implement digital technology solutions


We offer unique services to customers in collaboration with our international partners


We develop a specific consultancy program to help your organization take the initiatives of Digital Transformation through new business models empowered by emerging digital technologies

تدريب خاص

We create the right set of digital training solutions to your organization. We also provide one to one coaching program to senior business and technology leaders

تدريب عام

Public courses about popular digital topics are scheduled every year such as Digital Transformation, AI, IOT, Analytics, Big Data, Cloud and Blockchain

تدريب معتمد على الانترنت

We provide a set of online courses that you can take at your own pace. We also issue certifications in Digital Transformation, Digital Leadership and Blockchain

تواصل معنا

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Dubai Silicon Oasis- United Arab Emirates

Sharjah Media City - United Arab Emirates

Beirut - Lebanon

Tripoli - Lebanon

+971 544 054 188


Dubai Silicon Oasis - United Arab Emirates

Sharjah Media City - United Arab Emirates

Sydney - Australia

Beirut - Lebanon

Tripoli - Lebanon

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