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متخصصون عالميون في مجال تدريب التقنية الرقمية

التحول الرقمي

Learn how you digitally transform your Business with new digital business models that drive new digital business values



Understand Bitcoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrencies, Distributed Ledger Technology, development platforms and applications of Blockchain in all industries

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الذكاء الاصطناعي

Practice the application of Artificial Intelligence to industries from image recognition, driver-less autonomous vehicles to autonomous flying taxis and drones

BIg Data Analytics.jpg

تحليل البيانات الكبيرة

Big Data is not only about the data size but also about structured and unstructured Data types and the super speed of processing. With this explosion of data, Big Data capability becomes a must


أنترنت ألأشياء

Learn how you can benefit from this revolutionary Internet of Things and Industrial Internet of Things technologies and about your Asset Performance Management


الحوسبة السحابية

Do you want to quickly scale up and down your computing resources without heavily investing and without having expensive specilaised IT resources? Cloud Computing is the perfect solution

Data Analyitcs.png

علم وتحليل البيانات الرقمية

A data scientist is the most important role in the 21st century. Learn how to become a data scientist and how to build anlytical models to predict and optimize your business operations

Digital Technologies.jpg

التقنيات الرقمية الناشئة

Learn about all the emerging digital technologies from Big Data to Analytics and from Artificial Intelligence to Blockchain and how they contribute to building your new digital business models

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